The stories that got you clicking your mouse last week



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The demise of Barry Curran’s motor business was the most-viewed story on last week.

Around 150 stories (news, sport, district and entertainment) are uploaded to the site every week.

The top ten most-viewed last week were:

1. Car dealership to be wound up 6,414

2. Couple tie the knot in beach’s first wedding 4,503

3. Competitor dies in MGP practices 3,816

4. Tributes to Manx warrior Lucy 3,575

5. Marc’s first home dream is shattered 2,927

6. Isle of Man was under a rather rare cloud 2,788

7. Putting life on the line clearing mines 2,691

8. Island features in television star’s search for ancestors 2,596

9. Police warning after legal high drama at sand racing 2,440

10. Dorian is the island’s star pupil 2,275

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