The Vikings are coming!

The vessel

The vessel

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The biggest Viking ship built in modern times will be in Peel harbour today.

The Dragon Harald Fairhair is named after Harald Fairhair, the Viking King who unified Norway into one kingdom.

It is coming to Peel for a possible two-night stay.

The crew of 30 are on a voyage from Norway to Liverpool, which has not been short of drama so far.

During the crossing on the North Sea the large mast snapped and went overboard.

Captain Björn Ahlander made the decision to continue the trip without a sail but to travel through the Caledonian Canal.

This is the ship’s first major voyage since it was built in 2012.

The ship is 114 feet of crafted oak with a 3,200 square foot sail of pure silk.

The government is allowing it to moor in Peel Harbour in the shadow of Peel Castle, where the crew will be welcomed at both Peel Castle and the House of Manannan.

Anyone wishing to see the vessel is encouraged to take a trip to Peel Harbour this afternoon.

She is estimated to arrive at 2pm.

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