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The campaign's launch

The campaign's launch

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An island-wide campaign has been launched to encourage residents to stop placing waste items which could be recycled in their wheelie bins.

Items such as large gas cylinders, tree stumps and even an engine block have been found in the Energy from Waste plant’s waste stream in the past, causing problems with its normal operation.

These have been known to cause blockages which can result in interruptions to the company’s generation of electricity, which feeds into the island’s electricity network.

SITA, which runs the EfW, and environment group Zero Waste Mann have teamed up to produce 1,000 leaflets to remind everyone about the alternative options available for disposing of waste, what can be recycled, where it can be recycled and to inform people what to avoid putting into their wheelie bins.

SITA operations manager Jon Garrad said: ‘There have been a number of occasions where we have had to temporarily shut down our normal operation and remove items such as these.

‘However, we don’t just want to raise awareness of large items such as these. Even glass bottles, tins and cans are better being recycled as they don’t release any energy in the process.’

He added: ‘You would be surprised by some of the things we find coming into the facility.

‘It never ceases to amaze us. You name it, we’ve seen it.’

The leaflets have been sent to some homes and are also available from libraries and civic centres.

Copies can be picked up from the Green Centre, in Chester Street Centre, Douglas, on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

The leaflet gives a reminder that the four civic amenity sites across the island will accept a wide variety of waste including garden waste, car batteries, ceramics and bricks, waste oil and scrap metal free of charge and that items such as TVs, fridges, freezers and computer monitors are accepted, subject to a recycling fee.

It also highlights how newspapers, magazines, card, bottles, tins, cans, aerosols, clothes, shoes and textiles can all be recycled, using the facilities in place across the island.

And further advice is given on hazardous waste items which can require specialist handling and disposal.

Zero Waste Mann chairman Muriel Garland said: ‘This is an important issue. Many items which are being placed in wheelie bins can easily be recycled, with very little effort.

‘We hope that this initiative will serve as a strong reminder that we can all help to protect our environment by following a few very simple guidelines.’

• For more information on local civic amenity sites visit the environment and greener living section at

Zero Waste Mann offer advice on a wide range of issues at

Information on SITA is available at or call 695260.

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