Three injured in crash at Greeba

Greeba Crash

Greeba Crash

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The Fire Service issued the following statement after a car crashed at Greeba injured three people.

A Fire Service spokesman said: ‘In the early hours of this morning the Emergency Services Joint Control Room mobilised the duty crew from Douglas, Red Watch, to a single vehicle road traffic collision at Greeba.

‘At the time of mobilisation it was thought that there were three people still in the car.

‘One pump and the Service’s Enhanced Rescue Vehicle responded to the incident.

‘Upon arrival the Officer in Charge, Sub Officer Mark Walker, liaised with paramedic officers who informed him that two casualties had already been transported to hospital but one person was still trapped by his injuries in the rear of the three door hatchback.

‘Due to the nature of the casualties suspected injuries he needed to be immobilised before he could be moved.

‘The fire crew quickly created space for the casualty’s extrication by removing the tailgate using hydraulic cutters, spreaders and small gear.

‘The creation of space and extrication of the casualty this was made more difficult due to the position of the vehicle at the scene and the damaged that it had incurred during the crash.

‘Sub Officer Walker praised the close working relationship between the Fire and Ambulance crews as this always helps to ensure that a casualty arrives at the Hospital without any unnecessary delay.

‘Before leaving the scene of the crash, at 1:30 am, fire crews ensured the vehicle was made safe.’

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