Three Legs flies at home of The King

The Manx flag on display at Graceland Plaza

The Manx flag on display at Graceland Plaza

When Shirley O’Neill visited popular music legend Elvis Presley’s home of Graceland in America earlier this year she left behind a Manx memento.

The visit – her fourth – to celebrate her 50th birthday was with her family and with them they took a Manx flag.

‘I’m a huge Elvis fan and I have been before – in 1987, 1997 then again in 2008. There is the house on one side of the road and then on the other side is the Graceland Plaza which incudes attractions like museums. They have a lot of national flags there and I noticed they did not have one for the Isle of Man so I thought we ought to put that right,’ she said.

‘We found out what sort of flag was needed – the size and everything – and this time when we went we took one with us and left it on reception for them.

‘We didn’t hear anything for some time so I emailed them and they apologised for not coming back to me and sent this photograph of the flag flying outside the Graceland Plaza.’

Mrs O’Neill, who lives in Peel and works for the MEA, said the house is the second top attraction in America after the White House.

‘The whole family enjoyed the trip and though it was my fourth, I’ll definitely be going back again,’ she said.




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