Toilet tax petition breaks 5,000 milestone

The toilet tax petition page this morning (Thursday)

The toilet tax petition page this morning (Thursday)

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A petition set up in protest against the so-called toilet tax has more than 5,000 signatures.

The petition focusses on plans unveiled in Tynwald last week to introduce an annual sewerage charge of £50 per property or flat, set to increase to £100 next year, with further increases likely.

It has been set up by the Isle of Man Politics Facebook group and originally had a target of 2,500 signatures.

This figure was reached so quickly the group amended their target, firstly to 5,000 signatures and now to 5,500.

Spokesman for the group Amy Burns said: ‘We are planning to hand the petition over on budget day [February 18], to hopefully a handful of backbenchers before the sitting.’

MHK Chris Thomas supports the petition. He said: ‘I’m trying to get Tynwald to receive it and it be recorded as a motion on the minutes in the way the student fees [petition] was.

‘It’s an unfair charge. People are surprised by it, which is never a good thing, and there are better ways to address the MEA debt and funding IRIS.’

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