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A four-sentence story about an act of vandalism was the most-read story of the week on this site last week.

Our report about a vandal who smeared tomato sauce on a butcher’s shop attracted more visits than stories about the future of the Manx pension fund, an unexplained death and an attack on a student that was so horrific he had to have surgery.

The story, which was uploaded on Easter Day, was picked up by our Facebook followers and was shared more than 150 times, leading to a lot more views.

It was also retweeted by our followers on Twitter.

Short stories about crime, accidents and fires tend to attract a lot of clicks from our readers.

Perhaps surprisingly, reports about issues that affect us all and which have a major impact on Manx life often don’t attract as much interest.

For example, arguably one of the strongest political stories of the year, the critical report into the Manx health service, didn’t even make the top 10 in the week that we reported it.

There are about 150 stories uploaded on every week. That figure includes news, business and sport.

The tomato sauce story was published in the Isle of Man Examiner as a news in brief.

The top 10 stories for April 20 to 26 were:

1. Tomato sauce attack on butcher’s shop

2. Would-be burglars try to get into unlocked houses

3. New cycle lane and pedestrian refuges

4. Three Manx beaches fail water quality tests

4. Victim of attack speaks exclusively to the Manx Independent

5. Pension supplement could be ditched 2,945

6. Police investigate death

7. Driver rescued after car plunges down ravine

8. Urban Douglas is film backdrop

9. Jack White’s mention for Isle of Man

10. More flights for TT but concern at winter

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