Tommy lives on £1 a day

Tommy Harrison

Tommy Harrison

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St John’s resident Tommy Harrison highlighted the plight of people living in extreme poverty by living on an average of less than £1 a day for Lent.

The low sum was based on the average income of labourers in parts of India, and covered Tommy’s day-to-day consumables. He was raising money for Action Saves Kids Isle of Man, a charity that supports destitute street children in Bangalore, India.

He said: ‘Anything I can do to highlight the challenges faced by the two billion people living in extreme poverty across the globe can only be a good thing, and it has been great to see ASK IoM benefit.

‘I wanted to treat Lent seriously as a time for reflection and spiritual growth; it is perhaps too easy to ignore it or treat it as a little thing, which can rob it of its meaning.’

He lived off porridge, boiled eggs and a small amount of vegetable soup – and faced further challenges of going without water for a day, sleeping rough and rely on strangers for food.

Tommy, who runs mailing company Signed, Sealed & Delivered, had mixed feelings about the end of the challenge: ‘I’m really looking forward to going to the pub and ordering a burger and chips but part of me is also sad. I can go back to a normal life, but there are too many people in this world that can’t.

‘Once you’ve gone through the hunger pangs and tried going without shelter or running water, you really start to empathise with the people who have no choice in the matter.’

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