Tough Mann is muddy marvellous

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An ice bath, six foot deep muddy bogs and a ‘super ramp’ were just some of the obstacles entrants in the second Tough Mann Adventure Race faced.

Building on last year’s success, some 510 hardy competitors braved the 10km Dragon’s Head course at Ballamoar Farm, Ballaugh, on Saturday, watched by about 1,000 spectators.

One of the six foot deep 'mud spas'

One of the six foot deep 'mud spas'

A total of 475 competitors – taking part individually and in teams of three – completed the course with Joey Bond as the fastest male, Elissa Morris as the fastest female and CrossFit IOM were the fastest team.

Event organiser Richard Cryer said: ‘It was a massive success and the new obstacles went down fantastically.

‘Anyone could do it, going at their own pace, but there were some obstacles which were designed to be impossible to do on your own.

‘We tried to push the teamwork element so the super walls were impossible to get over on your own. Random strangers helped each other out and the marshals got involved and helped people up the ramps.’

The 2014 Toughmann challenge, Ballamoar farm

The 2014 Toughmann challenge, Ballamoar farm

Entrants were encouraged to raise money for The Children’s Centre.

Pictures taken on the day are being sold on the Tough Mann website for £1 each, with the proceeds going to the charity.

Richard and Kez Wardell, the brainchild of the course layout, are already looking to next year’s event, taking place on August 1, 2015.

They hope it will attract even more entrants – their aim is 750.

The 2014 Toughmann challenge, Ballamoar farm

The 2014 Toughmann challenge, Ballamoar farm

‘Next year it will be the same theme again: Bigger, badder and muddier than ever,’ Richard said.

‘We want to keep pushing that every year.’

They are looking to increase the number of obstacles competitors have to face once they have climbed to the top of the hill.

But the main area they are looking to improve is making it even more fun for spectators and children.

‘We want it to be a family day out where they can camp if they want.’

Entries for next year’s event open this evening (Friday).

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