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Ideas for flood defence in Castletown were submitted by the local authority after a request for them to do so by the Department of Infrastructure’s director of operations, Jeffrey Robinson.

Mr Robinson wrote the department is ‘in the process of engaging a technically competent consultancy. This consultancy will consider the options for long term tidal flood defences at our port towns.’ He invited the authority to submit their ideas.

Last Monday, Alwyn Collister suggested a gate bv the swing bridge to protect the harbour.

Chairman Kevin Weir said the problem was exacerbated by increased water flow from the Silverburn.

Mr Collister said: ‘They need to lift the road way in the Claddaghs (by Hope Street) to the same height as the toilets (by the bridge).’

Peter Hill-Heaton said if they did this, they needed to raise the height of the boat park.

He added: ‘You have got to be careful if you block off the harbour.’

Their ideas are: A retractable barrier at the swing bridge, raise harbour sea wall and a culvert in the Mill Race.

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