Tracey finds Mojo – and loses four stone

Tracey Watt with Mojo in Achallagan plantation

Tracey Watt with Mojo in Achallagan plantation

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Dog lover Tracey Watt has found her Mojo!

The 43-year-old has dropped from a size 22 to size 14, losing four stone over three years, after getting a boisterous labrador puppy, Mojo.

Tracey, of Foxdale, took Mojo to training and then on to agility as a way to focus his attention – and soon realised if she wanted to progress she needed to get in shape.

The pair now compete regularly and Tracey has become a qualified Kennel Club agility judge as well as being the agility representative for the Isle of Man Dog Club.

Tracey said: ‘I put on weight after my elderly Border collie was nearing the end of his life and he didn’t need much exercise. Shortly before he passed away in 2010, we decided to get a new puppy.’

She registered with Weight Watchers after struggling through an agility training lesson and the pair now walk 30 miles a week and train for agility two or three times a week.

‘Getting Mojo changed everything,’ Tracey said.

‘I needed to get fitter and shed some pounds to compete, I was doing it for Mojo and me. I weighed over 16 stone when I registered for Weight Watchers, which is the most I had ever weighed and I knew it was time for action.’

Tracey said: ‘My self-confidence has increased a lot and Mojo keeps me motivated every day. I feel like I’ve got the perfect fitness partner.’

She was helped as part of the Kennel Club’s Get Fit With Fido campaign, which encourages dogs and their owners to get fit together to improve both health and fitness. For details see

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