Treasury Minister will stand again

Anne Craine

Anne Craine

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TREASURY Minister Anne Craine MHK has announced she will stand again in September’s general election for Ramsey.

Mrs Craine was first elected to Tynwald in 2003. She went on to hold the post of Minister for Education until April last year when she became Treasury minister.

Mrs Craine is linked with many Ramsey charities and associations as well as Ramsey National Week, which is taking place this week.

‘Our National Week celebrations give us the opportunity to get together and showcase the true spirit of the town.

‘It really is a demonstration of the sense of community which exists throughout the year,’ she said.

‘I have been proud and privileged to represent Ramsey for the last eight years and it has been with the support of the people of Ramsey that I have been able to tackle the responsibilities of ministerial office.’

She added: ‘During the last five years, I have been pleased to support considerable investment in Ramsey including a new primary school, housing on several sites around the town, a new swimming pool and the commencement of the Ramsey Regeneration Scheme.’

She said that, as Minister for Education, she was ‘able to demonstrate her care and concern for the island’s young people’, a concern which first developed during her 10 years’ service on the Board of Education, and became the springboard for her political career.

Mrs Craine’s first budget, earlier this year, grabbed few headlines and made no big changes.

Acknowledging the global financial difficulties which have had their impact on the Isle of Man, Mrs Craine said she recognised that the next few years will also be difficult and tough decisions will need to be made.

‘Every man, woman and child has been affected by these events and it will be necessary to have a strong government to manage our resources and protect our people through the difficult processes of change.

‘Our prime focus must be on the care of the elderly, the young and the vulnerable.’

She said that more than ever it was necessary to look beyond our shores and promote the island internationally to ensure our economy remained successful and able to provide the resources which would help us to secure such care.

‘It will be absolutely essential for us all to pull together for the good of the island in the years ahead. I know that the resilient spirit and determination of the Manx people will enable us to meet the challenges that arise.’

She added: ‘I would welcome the opportunity to continue to represent Ramsey and to serve the Isle of Man and bring to the task the knowledge, experience and understanding of the issues that I have gained over the last eight years.’

Mrs Craine has been tipped as a front-runner in the election of the next chief minister.

She will be joined by pharmacist Leonard Singer and current Minister for Economic Development Allan Bell MHK in the fight for one of the two Ramsey seats.

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