Trial for cyclists and pedestrians to share Douglas promenade

Cycle lane lines removed from Douglas promenade

Cycle lane lines removed from Douglas promenade

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Share with care.

That’s the message to users – both pedestrians and cyclists – of the Douglas promenade walkway as Infrastructure chiefs trial a new approach of shared use.

The white lines designating a cycleway have been removed, meaning all users can now use the full width of the promenade.

If the 12-month trial is successful, it will be incorporated into the department’s scheme to improve the prom and make it a friendly-family environment.

DoI traffic safety manager Kevin Almond said: ‘All the research says, and evidence from coastal towns across show, that where you have a large area like the promenade pedestrians and cyclists can share the space safely.

‘The risk to both parties is very low.’

He said in the past the cycleway had not always been used correctly – with both pedestrians and cyclists straying outside their designated areas.

In addition, he said the cycleway encouraged some cyclists to travel at speed.

‘The promenade shouldn’t be a commuter route,’ Mr Almond said.

‘It can be used to commute but it’s all about a shared space to be used by both pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the promenade.’

He said he hoped it would encourage more parents to take their young children to enjoy the area.

Signs are due to be installed along the promenade with the message ‘Share with care’.

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