TT proposal ‘doesn’t bear thinking about’

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TT Grandstand

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The head teacher of a school on the TT Course has admitted it would be ‘a nightmare’ to be open if the proposed additional day-time qualifying session goes ahead.

TT organisers announced this week that, subject to public consultation, the extra session would take place on Thursday, May 29, from 10.15am to 12.40pm.

Ramsey Grammar School head teacher David Trace said: ‘It would be a nightmare.

‘I wouldn’t want to have a school functioning with 1,000 kids and nearly 200 adults with a practice session going on right outside the school gates. It doesn’t bear thinking about.’

He said ambulances wouldn’t be able to access the school in the event of an injury or emergency, and parents wouldn’t be able to pick up their children if they were taken ill or had appointments.

But he said that an early morning session wouldn’t affect the school.

There are a number of other schools positioned on, or close to the TT Course. They include Michael, Sulby, Bunscoill Rhumsaa, Marown, and St Ninian’s High School, in Douglas. Schools break up for half-term the following day.

A Department of Education and Children spokesman said: ‘We’ll participate in the consultation process but until we see the full details of what’s proposed it isn’t possible for us to comment further.’

Commenting on the issue on, John Quaye, of Manx Independent Carriers, said it was important the impact on island businesses was assessed before a decision was made. He said: ‘We already suffer massive inconvenience – and increased operating costs –with two weeks of road closures for TT and the same later in the year for MGP. My company directly employs over 125 people and we serve thousands of businesses and individuals on the island on a daily basis.

‘All those staff and customers are entitled to have a say in whether or not this extra inconvenience should be suffered. I am one of the greatest fans of the TT but a fair and equitable balance has to be struck between the needs of business and the public and for those who are engaging in a leisure pursuit.’

Clerk of the course Gary Thompson said: ‘We will be consulting with all relevant parties to ensure that the additional session may be possible in order to minimise any perceived disruption to the public.’

Trevor Hussey, TT and motorsport director, said: ‘A comprehensive consultation process will begin by the end of the month. A promotional campaign will invite comments from relevant parties including people who live on the course, businesses, schools and churches.’

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