‘TT traders make a living from people dying’

Bernard Moffatt

Bernard Moffatt

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Outspoken nationalist Bernard Moffatt has accused businesses doing a good trade during TT of ‘making a living out of people dying’.

He delivered his broadside at the TT festival during an interview on BBC radio.

Celtic League spokesman Mr Moffatt, a long-time opponent of road racing, told the Graham Liver morning show: ‘I would certainly believe that the TT as it is today cannot go on forever. As this goes on people will continue to die. Sorry to be negative about it when people are enjoying themselves and having a good time, but a lot of people are going to go home in bodybags after this.

‘You can imagine I’m about as popular as the plague over here for speaking out about this.’

Mr Moffatt was asked about the TT bringing in a lot of money to the island. He replied he thought most traders were fair, but then added: ‘They are making a good living out of it but I’m sorry they are making a living out of people dying.’

Speaking to the Manx Independent, he said he didn’t believe the government would ever say ‘enough is enough’, no matter how high the death toll. He said: ‘They depend too much on this economically.

‘This is one of the few places in the British Isles, or indeed western Europe, where they clear out the mortuary prior to a sporting event.’

Mr Moffatt said he had ‘never been shy’ about setting out his position on the TT. He said he could have a sensible dialogue about this with visiting race fans but it seemed that this was not possible with locals.

He said the TT provided a fillip for local businesses but they had been let down by the government as ‘after 30 years of growth the state of the economy can be so depressed that they need this’.

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