Tuesday is news day: Chief Minister says we should consider relaxing the law on cannabis

This week's Examiner

This week's Examiner

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The Chief Minister believes that the island should think about decriminalising cannabis.

He has shared his thoughts with the Isle of Man Examiner, which is on sale now.

Also in this week’s paper:

>We meet an 11-year-old from the island who has survived a heart attack. His heart stopped beating for an hour.

>A man tells us that he believes that he got very seriously ill because of raw sewage in Peel bay.

> A follow-up Last week’s Manx Independent front page story about the toilet tax.

>A photo of a woman’s leg after she was savaged by a dog

>Preparations for the TT at the Grandstand

>How the recruitment of TT marshals is faring

>A report about a woman who’s making a living from selling healthy treats for dogs

>Jonny Bellis is expected to compete in the Commonwealth Games. He has come a long way since a scooter accident left him in a coma.

>The latest situation with our disease-hit trees.

The Examiner also includes Terry Cringle’s nostalgia column, our fantastic sports pull-out, 12 pages of business news and your views in our letters pages.

The island’s favourite newspaper is in the shops now.

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