Tuesday is News Day: Could gas in our territorial waters help the Isle of Man to make a living?

The island's favourite newspaper

The island's favourite newspaper

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If we found gas in our territorial waters, could that become one of the biggest earners for the Isle of Man?

Today’s Isle of Man Examiner reports that experts believe there’s a high chance we could find a good supply.

The story is previewed on the front page, with more details inside.

Page one also features this week’s big political news, the CoMin reshuffle.

Also inside:

Delays on the Manx Electric Railway line repairs

How ‘high net worths’ (very rich people) are helping the Manx economy

An embarrassing oversight that means gay sex is still banned under law in certain circumstance

The Liberal Vannin Party’s response to this story

An interview with new Lib Van leader Kate Beecroft

Heartwarming news about a response made by terminally-ill Katherine Crowe

A look at what’s been described as the most rundown street in Douglas

The purchase of five new fire engines at a cost of about £217,000 each

A suggestion that all work permit holders must be able to speak English

Drama at sea as lifeboat rescues fishermen

The Examiner also includes our great new sports section and 12 pages of business news.

Our business coverage isn’t all about hoity-toity chinless wonders wearing pinstripe suits and waving copies of the Financial Times.

Business News is about all sorts of companies and how we all spend our working lives.

This week’s coverage includes a story about one of the best-known people in the Isle of Man, Robert McAleer.

Robert and his son, also Robert, tell us about their new venture, the Thirsty Pigeon pub on Victoria Street in Douglas.

With Terry Cringle’s look back into the island’s past, the best forum for views about the Isle of Man in our letters pages and our new column of ‘Your News’ written by readers, the Examiner is an indispensible read.

The island’s favourite paper is in the shops now.

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