Tuesday is News Day: Parking charges proposal to hit government workers outside central Douglas

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

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Today’s Isle of Man Examiner reveals that parking charges could be introduced for government workers whose job never takes them to central Douglas.

Teachers who park on government property outside all schools in the island, not just those in Douglas, would be charged.

Firefighters who park outside fire stations, doctors and nurses who park at the hospital and police officers who park at any police station in the Isle of Man would also be charged under the proposal.

Today’s Examiner has more.

We also look at the proposal to charge for children using school buses. Fifty pence to and from school every day will soon mount up.

The Examiner has the latest on the Sefton loans affair, including Kate Beecroft’s latest statement about it.

The paper also reveals that one of the best-known footballers in the island has been jailed after kicking a police officer.

We meet a Manx bodybuilder who’s off to compete in England.

And we have a packed sports section, with details from the Parish Walk, the golf championships and the bowls festival.

The island’s favourite newspaper is in the shops now.

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