Tuesday is News Day: Public sector workers earn more money and work shorter hours than those in private sector

This week's Examiner

This week's Examiner

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Workers in the public sector earn more money, on average, than those in the private sector.

They also work shorter hours.

The Examiner, which is in the shops now, crunches the numbers after the earnings survey released by the Treasury last week.

The front page includes a report on the rapist teacher who is due to be sentenced today (Tuesday).

Inside, there’s lots of information and photos from the flooding, including a great shot taken by John Maddrell of the sunken gardens on Douglas Promenade. The waves have really caused some damage.

The Examiner used to be in the shops on a Monday. From now on, it will be on a Tuesday.

To mark the occasion, we have got together with McDonald’s to offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal on bacon rolls. The voucher is on page 7.

We’ve also organised a great competition with Regency Travel for a £500 travel voucher.

There are some other changes.

Our sports news is now expanded, with a new pullout newspaper-within-a-newspaper format.

We’ve also expanded our business coverage. Our business news has never been just about Athol Street.

The lead business story this week is about a fish farm, which just loves the rain.

Also inside:

Allan Bell tells us raising tax would be a last resort

We see the tree mulcher that’s been brought in to deal with diseased larches

The former councillor who’s appeared in court for feeding pigeons

Roy Tilleard says he won’t be at the public meeting about Callow’s Yard

A report on an inquest of a man in Ramsey whose body wasn’t found for three weeks

Minister Graham Cregeen tells us it’s right for his government department to be abolished

Tributes to a popular retired farmer from Glen Maye

The Stone Age secrets of Ronaldsway

Terry Cringle’s nostalgia pages include a great shot of one of the old passenger boats battling the Irish Sea.

The island’s favourite paper is on sale now.

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