TV documentary team film Manx police during Isle of Man TT

Special Constable Andy Culshaw being filmed by a documentary team at Ramsey Sprint on Tuesday

Special Constable Andy Culshaw being filmed by a documentary team at Ramsey Sprint on Tuesday

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The television company behind the popular Police Interceptors series is shadowing the island’s force for a documentary about policing the TT.

The finished two-part programme is due to be broadcast later on this year and is being made by Raw Cut TV for ITV4.

Police spokesman, Inspector Derek Flint, said: ‘We were approached last year about the possibility of creating a documentary on the unique policing challenges presented by the TT. It is a unique event, policed in isolation by a small force. Raw Cut is keen to show how our neighbourhood style of working morphs into something that is capable of meeting the needs of locals and visitors alike without any outside assistance.

‘The public will doubtless see us out and about with camera crews on a regular basis across the island as all our activities are being followed. As well as the huge roads policing operation, the business as usual approach of the neighbourhoods and investigation departments are also being explored,’ he said.

Camera crews could be seen earlier in the event shadowing police as they dealt with an accident at the 33rd milestone, just before roads closed for practices, and crews have also been in evidence shadowing evening patrol among the beer tent revelry on the promenade in Douglas.

Inspector Flint added: ‘We hope the programme will be a great success and that people will enjoy learning a little more about how we do the best job in the world at the greatest event in the world.’

Producer James Coldwell said: ‘It’s a rare privilege to be granted access to this unique police force during such a demanding period. It is our aim to give ITV4’s viewers a fresh view of the TT races by showing them the incredible job the constabulary undertakes during the TT races.’

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