Tynwald guest thanks Isle of Man for backing Excellent Development charity

Simon Maddrell

Simon Maddrell

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The founder of an international development charity says he is proud to be Manx after the support shown by island folk.

Simon Maddrell is the founder and executive director of Excellent Development, a charity registered in the Isle of Man and England and Wales, which has enabled almost a million of some of the world’s poorest people to transform their lives with 838 sand dams.

Three school water tanks have been supplied with support from the Isle of Man

Three school water tanks have been supplied with support from the Isle of Man

Simon was born in Douglas, with a Manx family history that dates back over 350 years.

He was invited by the Manx Government to attend the Tynwald ceremony as an honoured guest.

This coincided with Excellent Development having received 10 years of staunch support from the Isle of Man, which adds up to an astonishing £600,000 from the Manx people.

That money has funded;

82 rural dryland communities to have a lifetime of clean water close to home.

The construction of 44 sand dams (34 in Kenya and 10 in Mozambique).

The construction of three water tanks, providing a sustainable water source on site and improving hygiene and school attendance for three rural schools.

62 communities to become food secure through seed programmes.

Sustainable farming livelihoods for 19 communities.

26 young Manx volunteers to participate in sand dam expeditions to rural Kenya.

Mr Maddrell said:‘We have such strong links to the island. It makes me proud to be a Manx man.

‘In 10 years, the Manx people have helped transform the lives of 73,393 people.

‘By next year, that number will match the entire population of the Isle of Man.

‘Just think of that.

‘For every person living on the Isle of Man there is a person in rural Kenya whose life has been transformed - all because of the generosity of the Manx people.’

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