Urgent question of benefit

Tynwald Buildings, Douglas

Tynwald Buildings, Douglas

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Douglas North MHK John Houghton has tabled a question of urgent public importance for today’s Tynwald sitting over what he describes as ‘Post Office provarifacation’ - presumably meaning ‘prevarication’.

He is asking new Health and Social Care Minister Howard Quayle if he will take immediate action to inform Chief Benefit claimants that they are entitled to collect their payment over the post office counter.

Mr Houghton claims the department has failed to heed a declaratory motion approved by Tynwald last month, which requested it promote an option for customers to continue receiving pensions and benefits at a Post Office of their choice rather by direct bank transfer. He said that option was not included in the Child Benefit reclaim form sent out to thousands of households.

He said: ‘They have disregarded a resolution of Tynwald. The Minister Howard Quayle is not responsible for this [but] he has been left to sort this out urgently.’

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