Vandals destroy gates on hill track

Damaged: One of the gates

Damaged: One of the gates

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VANDALS have attacked three gates on a remote hill track.

Significant damage was caused to three wooden gates and some fencing on the upland track running through the Glion Gill plantation area which runs above Little London between the Beinney Phott Road and the top of Mill Road in Greeba.

This land is owned by the government’s forestry division and is used by a tenant farmer.

Although public access on foot and bicycle is commonplace in this vicinity, vehicular access by the general public is not permitted in this location.

The damage would appear to be consistent with having been caused by a vehicle such as a four wheel drive type, as in one location tracks deviate out onto moorland to the side of another gate and plough through the fencing.

Constable Mark Kerruish said: ‘This damage could enable livestock to access the plantation and the gates will need to be replaced as a priority at significant cost to the forestry directorate.

‘If anyone has any information in respect of the damage or can assist to narrow down the time scale as to when it may have occurred I would ask them to contact me at Peel police station on 842208.’

The police say the gates were damaged some time in the last three weeks.

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