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CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENT: Andy Swearman and Phil Adcock of Domicilium

CELEBRATING ACHIEVEMENT: Andy Swearman and Phil Adcock of Domicilium

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TECHNICAL solutions company Domicilium has been operating from the Isle of Man for 21 years.

Based at its main datacentre on the Ronaldsway Industrial Estate, it is run by managing director Andy Swearman and Phil Adcock, chief technical officer.

They are happy to be supporting the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence through sponsorship of the Innovation and Independent Thinking category.

‘I think at times we can be really slow to recognise the pool of talent we have here,’ said Phil. ‘It’s nice sometimes to reflect on what we achieve as a business community and celebrate it. The Awards for Excellence is a great vehicle for accomplishing this.’

Andy added: ‘I think anything that highlights the positives of the island is very worthwhile. We have a diverse and talented business community that never fails to impress our clients. Our customers visit the island from all over the world, the biggest problem we face is getting them to focus on one project at a time, when they realise what can be achieved here.’

‘We visit 10 to 15 countries a year to sell our business and we have to sell the concept of the Isle of Man as a place to do business first,’ said Phil. ‘Companies we deal with will domicile here and set up some form of footprint. We hear, time and again, what a pleasure it is to be in a place where you can find what you need, accounts, corporate service providers, all together. And they have a choice. Having everything close together on one island can be a huge advantage.

‘This is a very easy environment to do business in and the number of new enterprises establishing in our facilities is a testament to this.’

Andy and Phil also believe it is the right environment in which to foster innovation and independent thinking.

‘The category reflects our own corporate approach,’ said Andy.

‘An innovator or independent thinker can be somebody who has got a brilliant new idea or somebody who has invented a better wheel.

‘It can be a department that’s made itself more efficient. The key is to think outside the box and find better ways of doing things.’

Domicilium has been doing just that for 21 years.

This year’s Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence, in association with RBS International, will be held at the Villa Marina, Douglas, on November 15.

Application forms are available at

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