Viewers want to receive Granada TV news

THREE quarters of Manx viewers who responded to a survey want to see the Granada ITV region rather than the Border region currently received here.

The results come from a Communications Commission survey in response to Ofcom proposals to merge Border and Tyne Tees.

The move would affect the coverage given to the Isle of Man as the current Border Lookaround programme is likely to give less air time to Manx stories if the Border and Tyne Tees merger goes ahead as expected.

In the Isle of Man survey 77 per cent of of the respondents felt that viewers would be better served by being included in the ITV Granada region.

Of the 120 people who responded to the survey only 17 per cent were in favour of the proposed Border/Tyne News merger.

The other 6 per cent could see advantages in both options and had no strong views either way.

Earlier this year Tynwald voted to support a switch to the Granada region too.

A statement from the Communications Commission said: 'The commission, Tynwald and the great majority of respondents to our consultation are of the opinion that viewers and the Island would be better served by being part of the ITV Granada region due to our cultural, economic and social links with the North West of England.

'The commission welcomes assurances from ITV that Isle of Man news gathering resources will be retained irrespective of whether the Island is served by the Border/Tyne Tees news region or the Granada region.'

The report will be submitted as part of the Ofcom consultation on the proposed changes to ITV.

To obtain a copy of the report go to link

In September ITV announced its plans to merge the Border and Tyne Tees regions and that it will be reducing the number of staff involved in producing regional news bulletins.

Border's current 6pm Lookaround bulletin will be reduced from the current 30 minutes covering the Border region to a 15 minute slot within a 30 minute programme covering the Border region, Tyne Tees and southern Scotland.

Within that 15 minute Lookaround slot nine minutes will be devoted to news from the Border region which includes the Isle of Man, the other six minutes will cover southern Scotland.

Earlier this year many Island residents backed a campaign to save the Border Lookaround show in its current format.


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