Villa fee scrapped

BOOKING fees on all Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre tickets have been abolished, as from midday yesterday (Monday).

Since May 2010 the fee has been set at £1 per ticket for card sales of tickets with a face value over £10.

Many people complained. The Isle of Man Examiner published a number of letters from angry readers about the issue.

Minister for Community, Culture and Leisure David Cretney MHK said: ‘The booking fee was introduced as a result of the economic situation when it became impossible for the administration costs to be absorbed into our budget.’

A review began after customers complained.

Mr Cretney added: ‘A fairer system would be a fee per transaction rather than per ticket, but to have done this would have needed expensive changes to computer software, which was impossible to justify. I feel if the fee can’t be applied fairly, it shouldn’t be applied at all, so I have decided the best course of action is to abolish the booking fee.’




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