Voxpop: How engaged are you with the election?

Hailie Bridge, 26, Crosby

Hailie Bridge, 26, Crosby

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Isle of Man residents will cast their votes in the House of Keys general election tomorrow (Thursday).

Out of 63 candidates, 24 men and women will be elected in 12 two-seat constitiuencies.

Dale Vincent, 34, Douglas

Dale Vincent, 34, Douglas

Polling stations across the island will be open from 8am to 8pm on the day.

The Examiner visited Strand Street to find out whether residents will be voting in the election, who they will be casting their votes for and what issues they think the next government should be focusing on.


‘Yes, I’ll be voting. I’ll be voting for Laurence Skelly. It’s such an Isle of Man thing but I have chosen him because he shares the same politics as my mum, he’s very focused on education and healthcare, and I do feel like that, particularly on the Isle of Man, they have to focus very much on the island’s future and in that respect they have to focus on the younger generation.

Callan Wade, 18, Peel

Callan Wade, 18, Peel

‘There’s obviously an imbalance in healthcare, there is around 90,000 people on the Isle of Man and currently around 17,000 are pensioners and that is going to increase to 20,000 in five years or so, so there definitely needs to be a focus on the island’s future in the sense that they need to attract graduates back here and they need to be able to offer better education and opportunities to keep younger people here to keep the island’s economy going.

‘To do that they really need to focus on young people and, in my opinion, single parent families, and the issue of abortion. We need to focus on developing the welfare state and keeping it in line.

‘They also need to reassess the relationship with the UK and not necessarily become so dependent on following their example and maybe look elsewhere.

‘There needs to be someone that is going to shake up the status quo, so to speak.

Alan Robert, 38, Castletown

Alan Robert, 38, Castletown

‘I don’t think there’s been engagement from younger people with politics. In my opinion, I think there actually needs to be younger MHKs, there needs to be a definite revival of interest in politics because at the moment it seems to be more like a middle aged club, which sounds really bad. ‘Also the fact there is so much over-presentation on the Isle of Man. There’s all these commissioners’ meetings where they say “this person is definitely going to get in because they’re friends with this person”. That needs to change, there needs to be fresh voices.

‘I’m not entirely sure how that’s going going to happen but they just need to be get more discussion going.’


‘I am voting. I sort of know who I’ll be voting for, I’ve narrowed it down to three candidates.

Bronte Wright, 19

Bronte Wright, 19

‘I think they need to promote the Isle of Man for the next five years and they need to make sure businesses stay here. Housing is also an issue down south with the Southern Area Plan and what they’re preparing down there.

‘They just basically need to be able to push the Isle of Man forward so it’s still at the front.

‘The candidates campaigns have been ok, we haven’t actually seen anybody door to door but then my wife and I work during the day so they may have been round.

‘We’ve had manifestos and leaflets and things. I also attended the meeting between the candidates in Castletown Hall, they introduced themselves and there was a few questions that were asked.’


‘I don’t think I’ll be voting because I’m not too familiar with it in general and I don’t really follow it.

‘We’ve had one candidate come to the door campaigning, which was quite a while ago and I can’t even remember his name to be honest but he gave me his flyer.

‘Maybe there could be more about politics in schools or college to get more younger people into it.’


‘I probably won’t be voting because I’m not sure how you go about doing it. I don’t really know much politics to be honest. Nothing from the candidates has been coming through my door that I know of.

‘I think younger people are quite busy with life I suppose and I travel around quite a bit, so maybe that’s why some people don’t know much about it.

‘I didn’t really know much about the vote to leave the EU, I just leave everyone else to it.

‘I’m just not very educated in that area yet, I probably should be because it is interesting.

‘I think after this I will learn more about it.’


‘I won’t be voting this year because during the last election I knew the person who got elected and and a lot of what they said was just not true. ‘It’s obvious that politicians lie and it’s more of a wish list of things that they want to do rather than that they will definitely provide. I just got a bit burned so that’s why I won’t be voting.

‘I think I need to take a break. Whether I vote or not, as silly as it sounds, it’s more exhausting for me to get behind someone.

‘We haven’t had candidates at our door, but I’ve seen a lot of posters and flyers and a lot of that stuff but I don’t actually think they’ve engaged that much.

‘From talking to other people, they haven’t got to know much about the candidates that much this year either.’

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