Voxpop: Where should food waste go?

Vox Pop on food wastage

Kirsty Quilliam & daughter India-Rose

Vox Pop on food wastage Kirsty Quilliam & daughter India-Rose

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Photographs of food being thrown away from a Co-op in Ramsey sparked outrage last week.

The photographs, which were taken at the Christian Street branch, were taken by a concerned Ramsey resident who said she was ‘utterly disgusted’ by what she had seen.

Vox Pop on food wastage

Judith & George Davies

Vox Pop on food wastage Judith & George Davies

Others pointed out that some people in the Isle of Man now rely on food banks to fill their stomachs.

iomtoday visited the Sea Terminal to find out residents’ views on supermarket food waste and what can be done about the issue.



Vox Pop on food wastage

Lewis Glover

Vox Pop on food wastage Lewis Glover

‘It’s a bit of a disgusting thing to see when there’s so much food there that could go to people in need and that could do with it. What was it, only about a day old? It’s disgusting to see the amount of food that’s been wasted that could go to people in need, like to homes, shelters or people who are struggling with financial situations.

‘I’d say it’s probably up to the supermarkets and the government, a bit of both really. Supermarkets should be doing better than what they are doing and the government should probably step in and say “What can we do to help you guys put this food to a better place?” They could both be doing better.

‘Literally if food is a day or two old, I’ll still use it. I’ll use it until it really needs to go in the bin.’


Vox Pop on food wastage

Ruth Hogg & Sharon Miller

Vox Pop on food wastage Ruth Hogg & Sharon Miller


‘I think it’s disgusting, they should give it to food banks or lower the prices so it doesn’t actually get thrown into the bin and people can afford to buy it or give it to charities.

‘There are people starving who don’t have enough money to buy food so I don’t see why they don’t give it to people in need. It is reduced food anyway, they should just lower the prices even more. I think it’s up to the supermarkets and also the government to say that it’s not acceptable and give them advice of where to send it to.

‘I’m quite careful that I don’t waste food. If I make a big pot of food I’ll give it to friends or family.’

Vox Pop on food wastage

Kayleigh Beattie

Vox Pop on food wastage Kayleigh Beattie



Ruth said: ‘I don’t think they should throw food away. I think it should be given to a charity or somewhere that can use it, especially in the world we live in today. I love making roasts and when I’m doing massive roasts, we always send people away with doggy bags.’

Sharon said: ‘Maybe they should reduce the price right down and give people the option to buy it, they could also send it to food banks. They should do more with it than waste it, that’s really drastic. I recycle what I can, everyone has to do their bit for the environment these days.’



Vox Pop on food wastage

Tom Pamplin

Vox Pop on food wastage Tom Pamplin

‘It’s not that bad to be honest because I have to do it at work. I’m a housekeeper so I have to just throw away all the wasted food, but I do think it’s bad that there’s people everywhere across the world that can’t eat.

‘It could go to people in need but sometimes it’s just the rules. Someone could change the rules like the MHKs or something. I think everyone should deal with it and not waste food because it’s quite bad if you ask me. I don’t waste food, no way.’



George said: ‘It’s a scandalous waste in this day and age when things are tight. It could go to elderly people’s homes, they would probably welcome it to keep the cost down. I think some political comment about the waste would be useful but I think it’s down to the conscience of the supermarket. We’re very careful with our food waste and also about recycling.

Judith said: ‘I think it’s dreadful particularly when all the food banks need them. They should put the food towards the food banks and give it to people who can’t afford food. I don’t think it’s really the government’s problem, I think the supermarkets really are to blame for that.’



‘I think it’s disgusting. There’s food banks, homeless people and people that need that food, not only that they could take it to the wildlife park.

‘There are single parents out there who need that little bit of extra support or extra something at the end of the day when then can’t afford to eat themselves.

‘The government should definitely be doing something more about it, they should be pulling their finger out rather than concentrating on other things. Maybe they don’t need to focus so much on the horse trams. Leave them as they are, they obviously still bring in tourism so they should focus on the things that aren’t doing so well.

‘I’m always careful with my food waste, I never waste anything. If I do have anything left over I take it to my mum’s house and she feeds the birds with it, or for her rabbit and other animals.

‘I hate throwing things away. If we don’t eat everything, I’ll keep it, freeze it and make it into a little soup. Now that I’ve got my daughter I tend to focus more on my food wastage.’

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