Wake led to drunken terrorist rant

News from the courts

News from the courts

A 22-year-old Onchan man has been convicted of disorderly behaviour on licensed premises and obstructing a drugs search.

Nicholas Paul Moffitt, of Barrule Drive, admitted both charges.

He will be sentenced on February 14 after the preparation of a probation report.

The court heard that, on December 17 at 3.15am, police were called to the Courthouse bar in Athol Street in Douglas.

Security staff there reported they were detaining a man who they believed to be carrying a suspicious white package. When officers arrived they identified Moffitt who they said was smelling of alcohol, had glazed eyes, was unsteady on his feet and slurring his words.

They attempted to put him in handcuffs but Moffitt pulled away, resisting their attempts.

‘He was told to calm down, but then swore at the security staff, saying ‘you’re all terrorists’ and squared up to them.

Moffitt was subsequently arrested but continued his rant, swearing and saying ‘You’re all terrorists, just because I wouldn’t let you search me.’

Moffitt was handcuffed and searched but no drugs were found.

Defending him in court, advocate John Wright said: ‘My client appreciates this is a serious offence. But we are talking about something that lasted maybe a couple of minutes.

‘Resisting the search was momentary. Nothing was found and it’s not as though he fled the scene. He was upset.


‘Mr Moffitt had been at his uncle’s funeral at 11am and then at midday went to the pub. There followed a long liquid-fuelled wake which ended up at 3am on the Courthouse premises. He has no idea how much he drank but he knows it must have been far too much.

‘He knows when a police officer says jump, he should conform and say how high. He didn’t. He was accused of having drugs but there were no drugs.

‘He is someone who has a number of convictions that revolve around drink. But if you look at the time, there is a disorder one from two and a half years ago and failing to provide a specimen from 21 months ago.

Mr Wright went on to describe Moffitt as a ‘bright young man’ who said that he had 11 GCSEs.

‘He went to college but unfortunately fell out of that. His last job was in building,’ said the advocate.

‘He is looking for work. He apologises and realises what he did was wrong.’

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes will sentence him later. In the meantime, he must live at home, attend probation meetings and not leave the island without the court’s permission.

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