Walk in country ends in tragedy

This week's Examiner

This week's Examiner

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The tragic death of a woman on the Tholt-y-Will road on Saturday is the lead story in this week’s Isle of Man Examiner.

The paper has spoken to another walker who saw the scene soon afterwards.

The other story on page one is the latest on the unexplained death in Strang.

Also inside the paper:

We speak to would-be holiday-makers whose plans were spoilt back in October. They were promised compensation then, as we reported at the time but they’re still waiting.

A plan for a new mountain trail in Archallagan.

An inquest hears about a man who died soon after an operation.

Two MHKs are trying to live on £1 a day.

An estate agent warns that interest rates are likely to rise soon.

We report on an unusual funeral, when the hearse was a motorcycle and sidecar.

A Manx firm tells the Examiner that it has been snubbed by the island’s government.

Results so far from The Guild.

Alfred Cannan MHK rows with Ministers Eddie Teare and Chris Robertshaw about the future of pensions.

Port Erin’s commissioners complain about the quality of roadworks in the village.

We talk to surgeon Millie Bello about the new breast cancer unit.

Terry Cringle looks back at days gone by in his nostalgia pages.

With the Final Whistle sports pullout, 12 pages of business news and our lively letters pages, the Examiner is a must-read paper this week.

The island’s favourite newspaper is in the shops now.

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