Walk to the Tower

Last year's walk out to the Tower of Refuge

Last year's walk out to the Tower of Refuge

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The 2014 Tower of Refuge escorted walk in aid of the RNLI is to take place on Tuesday, April 1.

In 2013 the event attracted around 2,800 participants and raised about £2,500.

The walk is again being organised by Douglas Development Partnership.

Town centre manager Michelle O’Malley said: ‘We’re very grateful to Tower Insurance for their continued support of the walk out to Conister Rock which is becoming something of a permanent fixture in the town’s community event calendar.

‘The tower, its history and association with the RNLI continue to exert a fascination as evidenced by the numbers it draws each year.

‘Not only is it a great fundraising event that appeals to people of all ages but, given the crowds it attracts, it also benefits a good number of the town’s businesses, especially bars, cafés and restaurants.’

She added: ‘It’s early days yet so the finer points of the walk have still to be confirmed. Given the date, however, you’d be foolish not to take part.’

The Tower Insurance Tower of Refuge escorted walk is open to all ages, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn and instructions by the coastguards and stewards followed at all times.

Subject to weather and tidal conditions the walk is expected to begin at about 6pm.

For the third successive year Tower Insurance is sponsoring the event.

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