War memorial should not be in the form of a cross in case it ‘excludes’ some people

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

This week's Isle of Man Examiner

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A government minister has astonished Ramsey Commissioners by saying that a war memorial should not be in the form of a cross in case some people ‘feel excluded by the use of a Christian symbol for such a purpose’.

The story is reported in today’s Isle of Man Examiner.

The paper, which is out now, leads with the tragic death of Brad Campbell in a road accident at the weekend. There are a number of tributes.


Laurence Skelly MHK, the Economic Development Minister, talks to our business editor. After years when banking has been contracting, could some banks now be looking to set up in the island?

We visit a small corner of land near the Dhoon where bike fans have been remembering a friend who often camped there.

There’s more about what people think about proposals for the Department of Infrastructure to raise money from re-introducing school bus fares.

One of our reporters was in court to hear the inquest into the death of a 94-year-old who died in hospital following a fall.

We report on a plan to name a bridge in Castletown after a war hero.

In Grand Prix week, we talk to Carolynn Sells, who’s just become a mum of twins. She’s the only woman to have ever won a race on the Mountain Course.

A government minister has overruled two recommendations and has agreed to a housing development. We talk to an angry neighbour who says the affair has made a mockery of planning rules.

We also catch up with the island’s Bloodhound Drag Hunt and picture the island’s first Bitcoin vending machine.

The Examiner also has five pages devoted to news about GCSEs and includes the passes from every school in the island.

It also has a bumper sports section, which is full of Classic TT news.

The island’s favourite newspaper is in the shops now.

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