Weak passwords to blame for Manx Telecom’s problems with manx.net emails



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Manx Telecom has apologised after customers complained about problems with its manx.net email platform.

The company says that there have been ‘intermittent service issues’ with it.

A spokesman said: ‘The problem is affecting some, but not all, customers and it’s possible that this may impact outgoing email to some destinations. Incoming email, however, remains unaffected.’

The company says the problem is caused as a result of some manx.net email accounts having weak passwords, which in turn are being compromised and used by outside organisations to send large amounts of spam email.

In certain circumstances the high volume of spam emails can then result in @manx.net being blacklisted by certain organisations.

A spokemsan said: ‘It is unlikely that users are event aware their account is being used in this way.’

Manx Telecom has reassured customers that any emails ‘sent but not received’ will not be lost and will be delivered as soon as possible.

Kevin Paige, Manx Telecom’s chief technology officer and customer service director, said: ‘This is the highest priority for myself, my technical staff and key suppliers, who are working closely to identify the root cause and implement the short and longer term solutions necessary.

‘There have been several attempts to create a temporary fix and we have been working hard to prevent the problem from impacting more customers.

‘We are doing our best to fully restore manx.net email to the service level our customers have come to expect, as soon as possible.

‘We appreciate this is not satisfactory for customers and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

‘As a result of the issues, we would encourage all of our @manx.net email customers to ensure they use a secure and strong password for their mail account.’

More information on how to create a secure password can be found here.

Further information on how to change a password can be found here.

Manx Telecom is also reminding customers to update password changes on all devices that access @manx.net mail.

As a consequence of these issues, Manx Telecom has been experiencing a high level of calls to its service centre, so it recommends that customers refer back to the network status page on the Manx Telecom website which is here or the service status page here for the latest information.

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