Weight Watchers’ top award for Isle of Man leader

Annette Cunningham, winner of the Weight Watchers award for the North West region

Annette Cunningham, winner of the Weight Watchers award for the North West region

  • by Jackie Turley

Weight Watchers leader Annette Cunningham has scooped a top award for her services in helping the community slim down.

She was named the Weight Watchers North West and Isle of Man Leader of the Year at a national conference.

Annette received one of only four awards given out across the British Isles, after personally helping residents lose more than 5,000lb to date this year.

UK vice president Jeanine Lemmens said: ‘At the heart of Weight Watchers’ success are phenomenal leaders like Annette.

‘Annette inspires, involves and informs all her members – I challenge anyone to go to her meetings and not come away inspired!

‘The Weight Watchers Leader of the Year Award for the North West and Isle of Man could not have gone to a more deserving person.’

Annette has been a leader for five years, and more than 80 members meet at Union Mills Methodist Church every Wednesday evening from 6pm.

She admitted that it had still not sunk in that she had received the award: ‘I was totally shocked and amazed, I’m overwhelmed by receiving it.

‘But it wouldn’t be possible without the members getting the results – to me it’s a team effort.’

Annette, along with the other leaders, knows all about the ups and downs of losing weight as she has been there herself, losing 50lbs after the birth of each of her children with Weight Watchers’ support.

‘When people are feeling down and think they can’t do it, we have been through it,’ she said.

When asked what she thought made a good leader, she said: ‘One that listens, doesn’t judge and one that can be there for someone.

‘I’ve been through it all emotionally. There’s times in your life you tend to go to food for comfort.

‘It’s understandable, but it’s trying to show there are ways they can enjoy food and still lose weight.’

Weight Watchers is not focused on a diet but healthy eating habits for sustainable weight loss.

And she said that from January, the plan will be even simpler to follow.

Weight Watchers meetings are held across the island.

For more information go to www.weightwatchers.co.uk or call 0845 345 1500.




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