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BACKING THE AWARDS: Anthony Long, chief executive officer of Capital International. PHOTO: Mike Proudfoot MP120814 (22).

BACKING THE AWARDS: Anthony Long, chief executive officer of Capital International. PHOTO: Mike Proudfoot MP120814 (22).

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THE world has become a very different place for the financial services industry over the last five years and Investment Services Company Capital International Group understands this as well as anyone.

‘The industry is going through a transformation of people skills, benchmark qualifications and retraining requirements,’ chief executive officer Anthony Long explained, which is why he believes sponsoring the Isle of Man Newspapers Awards for Excellence category for People Management and Development is particularly important.

‘The regulatory burden on individuals today is far higher than it used to be and although this is not entirely in response to the financial crisis, as increases in regulatory responsibilities were under way prior to 2007/8, the intensity and interest in regulatory activity has further increased as a consequence.

‘Benchmark academic qualifications and professional standards are under scrutiny and represent one of the most important considerations in our sector and business today.

‘This had facilitated a very dramatic change in how we develop our people and has proven to be extremely tough. It remains so for a lot of people, particularly at the executive level where you often have senior individuals with many years of experience but without up-to-date professional qualifications.

‘Today, everyone has to have relevant professional qualifications and “grandfathering” as it is referred to, is rapidly being put aside, and replaced with the vital recognition of best practice in this area.’

Capital International Group has been involved with the Awards since they began seven years ago and the company has won five awards over the years.

‘The Awards are important because they represent a very good opportunity for businesses on the island to showcase their products and services as well as their employees. People Management and Development is one of those areas of business that are critically important but often downplayed, which is why we are delighted to sponsor this award and raise the awareness of the impact people can make,’ stated Anthony.

‘I find the Awards particularly interesting as they introduce you to new faces and organisations from a diverse range of sectors. I think that the mainstream business names on the island have very substantial infrastructures and are, within their fields, extremely well known. In the last couple of years there have been some less well known businesses who have won awards that

‘I have been especially interested in. It has been fascinating to learn about other businesses and community related sectors and to gain a better understanding of what they do. The awards provide an opportunity for businesses to be recognised, and is an excellent way for those less well known industry sectors to showcase the work they do, something that I think is very important.’

This year’s Awards for Excellence, in association with RBS International, will be held on November 15.

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