Wild, wet and windy weather

WET, WET, WET: Port St Mary harbour

WET, WET, WET: Port St Mary harbour

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WITH the weather set to get stormy again tonight, government workers are preparing to keep the island moving.

Teams from the operations division of the Department of Infrastructure worked around the clock to deal with flooding and damage caused by the gale force winds and heavy rain that hit the island on Sunday and Monday.

As the weather worsened on Sunday night, the teams were mobilised at 11.30pm to deal with flooding on the A1 Douglas to Peel road at the Highlander and Greeba, Richmond Hill, Ballig Bridge and Lower Foxdale. They also cleared fallen trees and debris at various locations around the island including Sulby, Peel, Baldrine, Ballabeg and on Poortown Road.

The teams worked through the night until 7.30pm when they were relieved by teams who worked through Monday to help prevent further flooding by concentrating on clearing leaf fall and jetting known trouble spots.

More pictures in tomorrow’s Manx Independent.

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