Wildlife Trust joins the fray in election

WILDLIFE VISION: The Point of Ayre, one of the areas being  highlighted by the Manx Wildlife Trust

WILDLIFE VISION: The Point of Ayre, one of the areas being highlighted by the Manx Wildlife Trust

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THE Manx Wildlife Trust is ensuring that wildlife issues and concerns are on the agenda of candidates seeking election to the House of Keys this coming September.

The nature conservation charity is focusing its campaigning activities on the House of Keys general election schedule and has produced a series of key information sheets, or narratives, highlighting the wealth of wildlife present in each of the Garff, Ayre, Glenfaba and Michael, Middle and Rushen Sheadings.

Each narrative outlines the Manx Wildlife Trust’s vision for Manx wildlife in the future. For example, in the Ayre sheading, the trust is keen to see an extension of the Ayres National Nature Reserve so that it runs from Blue Point to the east coast, and in the Middle sheading it would strongly support the designation of the Central Valley Curragh as an Area of Special Scientific Interest to afford protection of important wetland areas.

Each candidate is being posted the narrative relevant to their proposed constituencies to ensure that candidates are fully aware of the wildlife and nature conservation issues in the run up to the election.

Conservation boss Duncan Bridges said: ‘Whilst we appreciate that there are many important issues for candidates to consider, we are keen for them to have a good understanding of the need to protect our valuable wildlife and beautiful countryside for future generations to enjoy so that, if elected, they may take appropriate action.’

Duncan added: ‘To find out more about our wildlife advocacy work, everyone is welcome to come along to the Wild flowers of Mann Project’s nursery at Mullen-e-Cloie in St John’s on Tynwald Day.

‘There, between 11am and 2pm, our fundraising and wildlife advocacy officer, Anne Marie Kilgallon, will be available for a chat.’

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