Woman bitten by false widow at amenity site

A false widow spider

A false widow spider

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A woman received hospital treatment after being bitten on the hand by a false widow spider while rummaging through a box at the Eastern Civic Amenity Site, in Douglas.

The spider – Britain’s most venomous type – was identified after the woman took it with her to Noble’s Hospital.

The recycling sheds – where residents reclaim unwanted items – were closed off after the incident on Tuesday while environmental health officers fumigated the area.

The sheds are due to re-open to the public tomorrow (Saturday).

Douglas Council assistant borough engineer Alan Donnelly said: ‘They are normally quite placid but if disturbed they can attack you.’

He said staff would consider whether items left for other people to take needed to be better inspected on arrival.

In the UK, a school was closed after a sighting. There are three or four different types of false widow in the island. On the rare occasions they bite, the injury is equivalent to that of a wasp sting unless there is an underlying condition or allergy.

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