Woman intimidated after four men shout at her from car

News from the police

News from the police

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A young woman was intimidated after she was shouted at by four men in a car.

The incident happened on the junction of Ballakermeen Drive and Peel Road at about 10pm on Tuesday, March 11.

Police say there was ‘a large amount of shouting’, and would probably have been heard by people in the area.

A spokesman said: ‘It has left a young woman feeling intimidated, and in fear for her safety.’

Of particular interest to police is an old, white, hatchback-style car.

‘This car is thought to be quite distinctive due to its age, being very square and angular in its appearance,’ a spokesman said.

‘Inside the car were four males, all of whom are believed to be in their late teens, or early twenties.’

Police are investigating.

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