Woman sent to prison after failing to attend work placement

News from the courts

News from the courts

A woman has been sent to prison after failing to carry out any of a 200-hour community service order.

Stephanie Marie Newton, of Edremony Estate, Port Erin, had her work place transferred to the south of the island to save her going to Douglas but still didn’t bother to turn up for appointments, failed to get in touch to explain her abseneces, responded neither to letters nor telephone calls and was described as having a ‘dismissive attitude’ to the sentence.

Newton, who is 30, even accounted for one of her absences simply by saying she ‘forgot’.

Newton was sentenced to community service in March for an affray, committed in Port Erin last August during the Manx Grand Prix.

The court heard she was out drinking, first in the Cherry Orchard then in the Haven. At around 12.30am, after leaving the pub to return home, she was caught with a man in the doorway of Darnill’s shop and a row erupted.

During the scuffle, punches were thrown and the defendant ended up on the ground at one point. She then got involved, kicking another man in the ‘upper torso area’ as he was on the ground.

Newton’s advocate, Ian Kermode, said she was extremely drunk at the time and had reacted inappropriately after being assaulted herself. He said she had suffered various traumas and bereavements in her personal life recently.

But Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes said Newton’s troubles were all known to the court and probation service – and to her – when she first agreed to do community service.

‘Your dismissive attitude suggests you never had any intention of complying,’ she said.

‘I’m satisfied there is no alternative to custody and no reason to justify suspending the sentence.’

She received an eight-week prison sentence and the community service order was discharged.

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