Wood-burning stove flue problem causes bungalow fire

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Fire crews were called to a house fire in Carrick Park, Sulby, last night.

The went from the stations in Ramsey and Kirk Michael and found a well-established fire in the roof space of a bungalow.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus quickly extinguished the fire using two hose reel jets.

They removed roof tiles to deal with it.

Firefighters then spent two hours cooling hot spots and removing items stored in the loft which had been affected by the fire.

A liquid petroleum gas cylinder was also discovered, in the loft, but luckily had not been involved in the fire.

Extensive damage was done to the roof space of the property and the hallway below due to the ceiling collapsing.

The cause of the fire was traced to the flue of a wood-burning stove.

With all of the appliances committed at the incident a crew from Laxey provided fire cover for the north of the island.

A fire service spokesman said that people should ensure that any fire or boiler in their property (log-burning, coal, oil or gas) was installed correctly.

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