Work at Four Roads is nearly complete

The roundabout at Four Roads, Port St Mary, is being remodeled

The roundabout at Four Roads, Port St Mary, is being remodeled

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The Four Roads roundabout in Port St Mary will reopen in time for TT fortnight, said Infrastructure Minister Laurence Skelly.

Roadworks and traffic lights in the area have caused misery for motorists in recent months, but he promised the end is nigh!

He said they decided to reconstruct what was possibly the ‘ugliest’ roundabout in the island as part of the road resurfacing work in Castletown Road, Port Erin.

‘We have got the roadworks up to the roundabout and are taking the opportunity to redesign it and consolidation of signage and electrical boxes and make it more functional. It must have been one of the ugliest roundabouts in the island and Port St Mary Commissioners are going to put planters there and we will improve the overall road structure.’

They are on schedule to finish the work before practice week, although he said workers will return after the TT festival is over to complete the ‘final layer’.

He said: ‘We recognise it’s a massive disruption and we cannot have that during the TT festival.

‘I would like to thank the public and traders for their patience. We all look forward to a nice smooth ride into Port Erin.’

Port St Mary Commissioners’ chairman Bernadette McCabe said they are in discussion about what should go at the roundabout. ‘A boat was mooted. We do have an anchor and that has been proposed, that’s a possibility, we will discuss it.’

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