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Could we soon be charged for parking on the roads in Douglas?

Could we soon be charged for parking on the roads in Douglas?

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People can still comment on controversial proposals to make a number of charges to residents.

The Department of Infrastructure’s consultation period for changes to public transport and car parking ends on Thursday, July 31.

So far, more than 1,300 responses being submitted to the department.

The proposals include:

· Charging for school bus services

· Raising the age of entitlement for free bus passes in line with the state retirement age

· Charging Tynwald Members and Government employees for parking spaces

· Charging residents for on-street parking permits

· Charging for parking in central Douglas

Infrastructure Minister Phil Gawne MHK said: ‘I would reiterate that we are still in the consultation phase regarding these proposals and no firm decisions have yet been taken. People are encouraged to share their views as this feedback will help to shape the department’s future plans.’

He added: ‘I recognise that the possibility of charging for services that have previously been free or heavily subsidised is never going to be popular. However, the reality is that the Government is facing a significant financial challenge and certain services are simply not sustainable as things stand.’

The document is available to view on the Government website here.

The Department of Infrastructure’s budget is to be cut by £5m.

Extra charges are one way it is considering to make up the shortfall.

The Isle of Man’s government’s income has been cut by a third after the UK began rewriting the VAT sharing agreement.

To balance the books, a number of cuts and extra charges have been announced.

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