Youtube’s Manx dialect duo turn attention to TT

Juan McGuinness and Ben Watterson outside the Isle of Man Motor Museum

Juan McGuinness and Ben Watterson outside the Isle of Man Motor Museum

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The wacky Manx duo who became a social media hit with a Manx dialect sketch on video-sharing website YouTube have made a TT video.

Juan McGuinness and Ben Watterson make their tongue-in-cheek videos, with director Stephen Goodspeed, translating Manx dialect terms into standard English and followed it up with a Christmas special.

Now the pair have published a new video, translating what people really mean when they talk about the TT, filmed at the Isle of Man Motor Museum in Jurby.

Juan said: ‘We had a couple of years break after the surprise viral hit of the original video and even after that amount of time we kept getting asked when’s the next video coming out. So we had a good long think about it and when we found out the entertainment on the prom was cancelled this year and no Red Arrows in Ramsey, well, we realised we had to step up to the plate and try and fill the void for TT entertainment as best we can. Hopefully it gives everyone a laugh and it’s something to watch while the racing is delayed. Hopefully four minutes is the longest delay the TT has this year but if not you can always watch the video again!’

Among the translations in the video are:

The Bushy’s beer tent is so great I can’t tear myself away - I’m actually stuck to the floor and can’t escape, please send help.

Juan McGuinness and Ben Watterson

Juan McGuinness and Ben Watterson

It’s true that some people aren’t happy about the road closures - My tax advisor never even mentioned the TT races when I came over here.

The TT will miss a character like Guy Martin - I’ll have to watch someone else finish in third place now.

I’ve been a marshal for 14 years, I really like giving something back to the TT - I love telling people where they can’t stand.

The race has been delayed - The roads will be shut until 9pm, next Friday.

I got my lunch from a burger van while watching the racing today - I spent my entire week’s shopping budget on my lunch today.

People certainly ride within their limits over the mountain when it’s one way - The Mountain Road has been shut for the 20th time today, it’s 9am.

See the full video on the Winging it Productions page of or via their Facebook page.

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