Lambing Live at Patrick farm

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  • by Alan Vincent

Knockaloe Beg Farm invited families to come along and watch lambs being born at the weekend.

This was the peak weekend of lambing so excitement was high on the farm near Peel.

A total of 80 children attended as well as adults and they were all treated to activities such as watching the lambs being born, feeding an orphan ‘meg’ lamb, a trailer ride around the farm to check on how the lambing was going, feeding the pigs and chickens, and cake and crisps to top the day off

The farm rears its own free range chickens, and manages 900 sheep and 200 milking cows.

Owners John and Fiona Anderson are committed to reducing energy consumption and becoming a carbon neutral business.

They have installed a ground source heat pump along with energy efficient light bulbs wherever possible in existing fittings.

All windows are double-glazed, argon filled low e-glazing with tight seals and everything that can be recycled is recycled on the Isle of Man. The farmhouse was rebuilt to replicate the original building which dated back to the 16th Century.

The farm also offers accommodation for holidays.

If anyone is interested in booking a party to visit the farm, visit or call Fiona Anderson on 844279.


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