More funding needed to make tower repairs

St Pauls

St Pauls

St Paul’s Church in Ramsey needs to raise around £36,000 to complete repair work.

Water has been penetrating the tower of the church for a number of years and one of the tower’s two support beams now has serious wet rot. There is also possible minor damage to the second beam.

The defective beam supports the entire face of the stonework on that side, so stabilisation work will be required prior to the removal and replacement of the beam.

Church warden, Sue Baldwin, says: ‘The problem first became apparent when part of the ceiling at the top of the porch stairs collapsed and investigations eventually revealed the full extent of the damage.

‘There will also have to be fairly extensive internal redecoration and some external decoration to return the tower and porch to their original condition. We estimate we will need nearly £60,000 to complete all the work.

‘We have had many fundraising events already.’

Sue says that the church was given a real boost with a grant from the Eric and Marion Scott Trust and it is extremely grateful to the trustees for their support, which has lifted the total raised so far to over £24,000.

The church will be holding a murder mystery dinner on Friday, May 16, and Saturday, May 17, at 7pm.

Tickets are available from Viv Hare on 814011 or by email at




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