Peel man’s list for prospective MHKs

Terry Lang

Terry Lang

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A PEEL man believes that MHK candidates should be able to answer old and new questions about the Isle of Man.

Terry Lang has come up with 40 questions he thinks that Keys candidates should be able to answer before they consider standing for the House of Keys in the forthcoming general election on September 29.

Terry Lang, 78, who is retired, said: ‘If it is the case that a candidate cannot answer the more serious of the questions then perhaps they should ask themselves whether they would be better waiting four years, learn more about our isle and stand at the following election.’

Mr Lang is not Manx but came to the island in 1964, where he moved into a rundown farm in Cronk-y-Voddy. He speaks highly of the island and says it was due to the fact he wasn’t from the island that he decided to find out as much as he could about it.

He stood unsuccessfully for the House of Keys for Glenfaba in the late 70s. He was elected as the first non-Manx chairman of Mec Vannin. Mr Lang was also a founder member of the Cronk y Voddy parents’ association that was the driving force behind QEII High School in Peel.

Talking about how and why he thought about these questions, he said: ‘I am very passionate about the Isle of Man. This is my homeland and I made it my business to know where I had come to. I suppose, if pushed, I could find another 40 questions to ask. It is not the land of my birth, but a land of great worth. But a nation that does not know where it has come from does not know where it is going.’

Some of the question that Mr Lang believes candidates should know about the island include;

Do you know the words to the second verse of the Manx National Anthem?

How many parishes are in the Isle of Man?

Name a Manx academic with a noble title.

What is the island’s most famous melody?

Which former governor is credited with helping the island overcome abject poverty?

What was Illiam Dhone’s real name?

What is the Manx for thank you?

To what/where does the Sodor refer to in the Lord Bishop’s title?

What is the island’s national flower? What is its particular feature?

Who looks after the lighthouses around the Isle?

What are Crosh Chuirns, Crosh Vollan and Crosh Vusta?

What are Sheadings and Treens?

What is the Mischief Act? When was it imposed?

How many Manx ships went to the Dunkirk rescue?

How many came back?

Three Manx captains, Quilliam, Rowe and Teare. Why are they each individually remembered?

Who was Godred Crovan?

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