Peel warden calls for disc parking only on promenade

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Peel’s Town Warden has delivered his quarterly report on the town and called for the promenade to be made a disc parking only zone.

Among the issues Brian Wozniak talked about in his address to the commissioners at their latest board meeting were abandoned and unlicensed vehicles, vehicles parked on a road with expired tax, dogs at large, car parking, roadside parking, and Ballaquane Road.

Mr Wozniak called for the entire promenade to be made disc parking saying: ‘I am constantly asked by motorists “where can I park”?

‘I send them to Fenella car park or to the parking past Marine Parade. But this is a long way for an elderly person who just wants an ice cream.

‘At this time there is a motor home parked opposite the Iris Station which has been there for three months, it is taxed and no offences are being committed.

‘There are no regulations preventing any person with a motor home from parking on a highway and sleeping in the vehicle overnight.

‘But there appears to be a law stating that the owner of the van cannot park outside his own house on an estate and sleep in the vehicle.

‘It would appear that some effort was made this Manx Grand Prix to clear Fenella of the motor homes. This resulted in some going, some staying and a few parking on West Quay where they remained.

‘I believe that the updating of Peel’s by-laws, traffic and parking regulations is imperative.’

Mr Wozniak also said that during the year 323 abandoned or unlicensed vehicles had been removed from the car parks and streets of Peel.

Most had been removed by their owners and four were removed by a contractor.

‘I deal with these by trying to contact the owners and advising them to move, which most have and the ones with expired tax I report to the police,’ he said.

‘Kerroo Coar and Ballawattleworth have now been adopted by the Department of Infrastructure and several vehicles in Kerroo Coar have been reported to the police resulting in one person receiving four fixed penalties.’

Moving on to the subject of dogs at large, Mr Wozniak said that a new system where stray dogs are collected during the day by DoI officers appeared to be working well.

‘I contacted them regarding a stray two weeks ago and the officer was on the scene within 30 minutes although it took us an hour to capture the dog,’ he said.

Stray dogs are kept at Knockaloe before being transported to the MSPCA. Six fixed penalties have been issued so far this year for dog offences.

Regarding Ballaquane Road Mr Wozniak said that new lighting was required for the road as it was no longer on the outskirts of Peel. He argued that, with the building of Ballawattleworth and other estates, it had become a major artery through Peel.

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