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A public meeting to discuss proposals for a new community sports hall in Ramsey will be held at Ramsey Town Hall on Thursday, April 3, at 7.30pm.

The aim is to build a facility similar to the Tommy Clucas Sports Hall at Peel AFC, which opened last year.

The proposed site of the new building is at the north end of Ramsey’s rugby pitch.

Commissioner Richard Radcliffe said: ‘We hope it can be used by variety of groups and clubs, not only sports but dance groups, exercise groups, a lot of people who just have walking groups haven’t been able to get out because of the terrible weather so it could be an option for them as well. It’s for the whole community.

‘The rugby club are looking for a gymnasium so we might be able to incorporate that. We want a county football size playing area.

‘The meeting is to get everyone together really, all the clubs and people who are interested in using the place and let them have their say, we don’t want to lose a possible badminton court for the sake of a few metres, we want everyone’s input.

‘We think we may go for a bamboo floor, the hall in Peel has a 3G one, but that can’t be used for the likes of table tennis, cricket or hockey, and we want to include as many sports as possible.

‘We want to it to be run through a legal trust and management company.

‘We don’t really want one club owning it, we want everyone to feel like it’s their’s. If a club owns it you tend to get the feeling that it doesn’t belong to everyone in the same way.

‘We’ve had a lot of interest from clubs who want to use it and are behind the idea so far.

‘We’ve already got some good financial backing too. We’ve had a few private sector pledges. The whole project will cost around £420,000.

‘The land belongs to the commissioners and we have agreed a “peppercorn rent”, which will still have to go through Tynwald.’

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