Planning applications: July 13, 2011

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Latest planning applications from the Department of Infrastructure.



Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005

Registered Buildings Regulations 2005

The Control of Advertisements Regulations 2005

The Town and Country Planning (Certificates of Lawful Use or Development) Regulations 2005

The following applications have been submitted to the Department for consideration.

11/00925/B Extension to rear elevation to replace existing conservatory, 5 Ballacubbon Close, Ballabeg ARBORY

11/00911/B Window alterations and installation of window to replace existing garage door, Reflections Shore Road BALLAUGH

11/00898/B Erection of a stable block (comprising amendment to PA 11/00489/B), Field 524789 Ballamona Farm Oak Hill Port Soderick BRADDAN

11/00915/C Change of use of two parking spaces to allow the operation of a catering unit (Retrospective), Car Park Jack Frost (Foodservice) Ltd Springham Industrial Estate BRADDAN

11/00916/B Alterations to frontage to create four glazed sliding doors, Lights Of Man Unit 12 Spring Valley Industrial Estate BRADDAN

11/00918/B Window alterations to dwelling, Poylbreck East Baldwin BRADDAN

11/00904/GB Erection of a wall and gate to dwelling (In association with

11/00905/CON), 3 Parliament Square CASTLETOWN

11/00905/CON Registered Building consent for the erection of a wall and gate to dwelling (In association with 11/00904/GB) Registered Building Nos. 061, 3 Parliament Square CASTLETOWN

11/00907/B Erection of an conservatory to rear elevation of dwelling, 6 Stowell Place CASTLETOWN

11/00897/B Installation of replacement windows and doors, 1 Milner Terrace CASTLETOWN

11/00932/C Additional use of retail unit as a Betting Office, 16 Arbory Street CASTLETOWN

11/00906/B Erection of dwelling (comprising amendments to 04/02083/B & 09/01335/B), Plot 36 Knock Rushen Scarlett Road CASTLETOWN

10/01719/B Alterations, extensions and conversion of former Boarding House to a single dwelling, 12 Derby Square (Re advertised due to amended plans received) DOUGLAS

11/00920/C Additional use of premises to provide a cafe facility (Retrospective), Unit 4 Hills Meadow Industrial Estate DOUGLAS

11/00923/B Installation of seven additional benches to match existing benches, North Quay DOUGLAS

11/00921/B Installation of replacement windows, 14 Clifton Terrace DOUGLAS

11/00894/B Installation of replacement windows and door, Flat 2 Withington Court Withington Road DOUGLAS

11/00895/B Conversion of dwelling into four apartments, 1 Belmont Terrace DOUGLAS

11/00912/D Erection of illuminated and non illuminated signage, 5 - 7 South Quay DOUGLAS

11/00908/C Removal of condition five regarding horticulture worker occupancy (PA 86/01334) (Retrospective), Norfolk Nurseries Main Road Greeba GERMAN

11/00927/B Extension to existing agricultural shed with hard-standing, Field 310653 Bwoalliecowle Farm Staarvey Road GERMAN

11/00917/B Erection of a replacement dwelling with associated landscaping, Ballateare Farm House Jurby West JURBY

11/00933/B Erection of a replacement dwelling with associated landscape works, Ashwood Ballamenagh Road Baldrine LONAN

11/00922/B Extension over garage to provide ancillary living accommodation and retrospective application for replacement dormer windows, Lower Ballachrink House Ballamodha Straight Ballasalla MALEW

11/00934/B Erection of two portable buildings and associated site works to be used as a community building, Ballasalla Primary School Douglas Road Ballasalla MALEW

11/00909/B Erection of a farm workers dwelling, Part Field 434603 Middle Cordeman Farm Cordeman Road St Marks Ballasalla MALEW

11/00928/D Erection of advertising signage, Signage Adjacent To Freeport Douglas Road Ballasalla MALEW

11/00930/A Approval in principle for erection of an agricultural worker’s dwelling, Field 434152 Grenaby Road Ballasalla MALEW

11/00902/A Approval in principle for the erection of an animal processing plant, Land Off The Garth Road Ellerslie Farm Marown MAROWN

11/00327/B Erection of a detached garage and workshop, Oddfellows Cottage Main Road Glen Vine Isle Of Man IM4 4BF (Re advertised due to amended plans received) MAROWN

11/00926/B Extension to existing agricultural shed including associated hard-standing and landscaping, Field 324082 Braaid Road Braaid MAROWN

11/00896/B Extension to dwelling, Ballagilley Hibernia MAUGHOLD

11/00910/B Erection of a replacement garage, Holly Trees Glen Mona Loop Road Glen Mona MAUGHOLD

11/00893/B Erection of a replacement building to create garage and store and erection of detached building to provide two tourist accommodation units, Lilybank Kionslieu Hill Foxdale PATRICK

11/00924/B Extensions to side and rear elevations of dwelling, 34 Ballatessan Meadow PEEL

11/00899/B Extension to dwelling, Hillside 22 Ballafurt Close PORT ERIN

11/00931/B Extension to front side and rear of dwelling, Glen Cairn Athol Park PORT ERIN

11/00900/B Alterations and extension to dwelling and replace garage door with window, 113 Greenlands Avenue RAMSEY

11/00919/B Installation of an extractor unit to premises, 34 Parliament Street RAMSEY

11/00901/B Erection of a replacement dwelling with detached garage, Shenvalley Farm Ballnahowe RUSHEN

11/00913/B Alterations including installation of solar panels and water butt, replacing outbuilding roofs, provision of visitor toilet and erection of wind turbine, Bird Observatory Calf Of Man RUSHEN

11/00914/B Alterations and erection of an extension to dwelling, 25 Ballagale Avenue Surby RUSHEN

11/00929/A Approval in principle for conversion of farm building to a dwelling, The Granary Glentraugh Harbour Road SANTON

11/00903/B Erection of a replacement dwelling, Ashdowne House Ballavale Road SANTON

In accordance with the aforementioned Orders and Regulations, the applicant, or his agent, for the above applications has been provided with a laminated Site Notice. This Notice must be affixed firmly to a building or structure or post on the land, the subject of the application, sited and displayed in such a way to be easily visible by members of the public for a period of not less than 21 days. The Applicant or their Agent has already been issued with the said Notice for placement.

The applications are available for inspection at the Planning Office or at the Local Authority relative to the proposal. Alternatively the application can be viewed and, should you wish to do so, comment submitted online by registering with the Isle of Man Government’s online services

Any persons wishing to make written representations to the Department in respect of these applications must ensure that such comment reaches the undersigned by close of business 4th August 2011.


Persons submitting written views should, where appropriate:-

clearly indicate the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is the subject of the application; and give details of their interest in the subject matter of the application.

Secretary to the Planning Committee,

Planning and Building Control Division,

Department of Infrastructure,

Murray House,

Mount Havelock,



Applications made by the Department of Infrastructure or in which the Department has a vested interest

Planning Application 11/00923/B Installation of seven additional benches to match existing benches North Quay Douglas Isle Of Man is an applicationby the Department of Infrastructure or in which the Department has/have an vested interest and as such will not be dealt with by this office, but will, following a period of 21 DAYS from 14th July 2011 be referred to the Council of Ministers in accordance with the terms of the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005.

Persons submitting views in respect of this application only should write to: the Chief Secretary, Crown Division, Government Office, Douglas, setting out their interest in the subject matter of the application, giving reason as to why they may feel a hearing is appropriate and clearly indicating the relationship between their land or buildings and the land that is subject of the application.

Any written submission must reach the Chief Secretary by close of business 4th August 2011.


All applicants, architects, and agents are reminded that applications MUST include the particulars set out in Schedule 1 to the Town and Country Planning (Development Procedure) Order 2005. Applications which do not include this information will be returned.

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